Nintex Workflow Version 2.3 – Enhanced Integration and Cloud Services

Nintex Workflow 2010 Version 2.3 was unveiled on January 10th. Nintex has improved the integration tools available in Nintex Workflow v2.3, making it even easier to leverage your in-house business data and systems.  Nintex Live, an online catalog of powerful cloud services you can use in your workflow designs, has also been added to Nintex Workflow v2.3.  With its growing set of cloud-based actions, Nintex Live extends your workflows to Office 365 and allows you to integrate a wide selection of online services directly into your business processes. Nintex Workflow

Better connectivity to the business:
• See the results of your workflow integration actions before you run the process for smoother implementation.
• Disable specific actions for controlled testing
• Use the “XML picker” to more easily query InfoPath forms and other documents

Workflow in the cloud:
• Bring your Office 365 and in-house SharePoint environments together by building workflows that span both
• Leverage real-time, web-based intelligence in your business processes
• Your workflow options keep growing along with the catalog of actions
• Enhance your mobility experience with forms and file sync via the cloud

Nintex Workflow 2010 “What’s New in V2.3”

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