Does Office 365, hosted by Microsoft requires a data backup solution ?

In short : Yes

Long answer

  • Microsoft primary responsibility is to provide an up and running infrastructure in the cloud. They do have data protection system but it doesn’t totally cover every risks that can affect your data.

The Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model



  • Knowing that most of causes of data loss are caused by human actions

Reasons for Cloud Application Data loss


  • And that Office 365 data protection system have their limits.

Retention policies


Note that For Emails you’ll need E3 O365 plan with In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold configured to have more than 30 days deleted email retention.

In conclusion

If your data are important to you, and if you might have user asking to restore an old email or document, you need a data protection software to the rescue such as Veeambackupify etc.

If you wish to know more about those solutions, please contact me.

Christopher and I presented more information about how that works with Veeam in this webinar (in French)

Co presenter with Christopher Glémot – Blogger of Original Network

About the Author:

Been working in this field since Microsoft 2010 and yet loved every aspect I could approach with these technologies. From Development to training, consulting, architecture to pre-sales, I’ve been enjoying the path because I am able to see the impact of my work in people daily work life.

Initially, I posted on my blog what I couldn’t find on the internet about troubleshooting issues about SharePoint. Then it evolves into reviews, and notes for myself, before I forget :).


Angama, J (2018). Does Office 365, hosted by Microsoft requires a data backup solution? Jeff Angama Office 365 Notes [blog] . Available at: [Accessed 17 December 2018]

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