Office 365 Roadmap using Excel, Power Query and Power BI

Power Query and Power BI

Hi All!
This post is just to show how cool are ExcelPower Query and Power BI! J

If you need to know what is going on
in the Office 365 world, this is the place:

But I never like it too much… it’s a little bit confusing, I cannot track what is has been added or removed and didn’t like the filtering…

Image 2

So then I decided to create my own way to get this information and at the same time have some fun with Power Query and Power BI.

Basically I added the URL as data source and started to refine the information.
I will not describe all the steps here, but you can see it was not as simple as I imagine

Image 3

Played around the design, which I really believe is important….
Added some slicers, information about last refresh, etc…

Image 4

Image 6

It was already working, but how could I make it even better?
Let’s use Power BI

Just uploaded my Excel Report to OneDrive and added to Power BI as Connect, Manage and View Excel in Power BI.

Image 7

Set my Scheduled Refresh to run daily.

Image 8

Got a toast confirmation!

Image 9

Can even see the next refresh of my report.

Image 10

Can access a live custom Office 365 Roadmap made in ExcelPower Query and Power BI.

Image 12

Full Excel Online capabilities… using the slicersexpanding my pivot table rows

Image 11

Wait… we are not done yet! Can get even better!!!
I can start pinning what is the most important to my Power BI dashboards

Image 13

Image 14

Hope you have enjoyed! 🙂

In case you want the Excel file, ping Allan!

Don’t forget to check out Allan’s blog:

About the Author: 

Allan Rocha has dedicated his entire career to project management. For about 12 years working with implementations of the Microsoft PPM Solution. At the age of 21 years he founded his own company, Sotis Consulting. In July 2010 was nominated Microsoft Project MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Allan joined ProActive, Microsoft Partner of the Year Denmark, in 2016, which has a lot to happen…

Twitter: @allanrocha               LinkedIn


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