OpenText ECM plus SharePoint – what does it deliver? Analyst studies provide the answer

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What does the energy sector have in common with the banking and
insurance industry? They are both subject to increasingly stringent
regulations and need to invest more and more in order to win – and
keep – the trust of the public. Recent analyst studies show how
companies from these two industries can implement a combination of
Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText’s ECM solutions to cope with
these challenges – while achieving an ROI of up to 376 per

The two IDC studies are available in the “Resources” section of,
a website run jointly by OpenText and Microsoft. Along with the
studies, companies can also test the Benefits Analyst, a new ROI
calculator tool. In just a few clicks, the tool enables users to
determine the savings and productivity gains they can achieve with
SharePoint and OpenText.

A key requirement for energy suppliers as well as financial
services companies is that they choose an enterprise-wide,
platform-based approach to collaboration and process-oriented
content management. Experts from the renowned analyst firm IDC
conducted industry-specific studies to identify the potential
savings that companies can make when they use a combination of
Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2010 and the
OpenText ECM Suite for Microsoft.  According to IDC, they can
achieve average IT cost savings of eight per cent per year, while
productivity gains among users and within IT reach 24 per cent and
68 per cent respectively. According to the analysts from IDC, the
typical company in both areas has about 5000 employees and annual
revenues of US$1.25bn in the energy industry and US$2.75bn for the
financial services sector.

376 per cent ROI, payback in just 8 months

The study finds that a bank can save US$4.48m per year, while an
oil company’s annual savings would amount to US$362,064 for an
assumed investment of US$2.29m (banking) or US$208,225 (oil) over a
three-year period. The savings mainly result from more efficient
information storage, archiving, management, search and retrieval.
Using its standard ROI model, IDC calculated that the ROI is 368
per cent (for the energy industry) and 376 per cent (for banking
and insurance companies) in three years. The payback period for
these investments would be achieved in just eight months for energy
companies and ten months in the finance sector.

Benefits Analyst: Three quick steps to discovering
potential savings and gains

Companies from any industry who are interested in calculating
the levels of productivity gains and savings they could achieve
with a combination of Microsoft and OpenText can use the new
Benefits Analyst on
. The ROI calculator guides
users through just three steps. In the first, it asks them to enter
their annual storage costs, number of staff, annual revenues, and
the average gross cost of an employee per year. When users submit
this data they immediately receive their analysis. It shows savings
and productivity gains in the user’s chosen currency with two
estimates – one conservative and one probable – and displays the
results as a bar chart as well as in table format. Users can show
or hide the individual bars by clicking on the captions in the bar
chart. The third step is optional: if desired, users can request a
detailed overview of the results to be sent to them by email.

The website
is operated jointly by OpenText and Microsoft. It is aimed at
companies of any size and provides them with information about the
business benefits of the two companies’ combined solutions for
collaboration and content management.

Further information is available at

OpenText and Microsoft

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, OpenText has a close
working relationship with Microsoft. OpenText was named a 2009
Global ISV Line of Business Partner of the Year finalist at
Microsoft’s 2009 Partner Conference. OpenText’s solutions for
Microsoft are offered as part of OpenText ECM Suite 2010. This
integrated suite brings together the content management
capabilities needed to manage all types of enterprise content,
including business documents, vital records, Web content, digital
media such as images, audio and video, email, forms, reports and
more. Using OpenText Everywhere, customers can access and work with
enterprise content securely from smartphones.

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