Opentext’s Top Picks for ESPC21 Online

With just under 1 week till ESPC21 Online, Europe’s largest gathering of the Microsoft 365 and Azure community in Europe… it’s time to start browsing the programme and build your agenda for the week.

“In this blog, I’ll highlight the sessions I personally find the most interesting and are worth attending for customers that work with OpenText software and Microsoft Office 365. Many of these sessions are presented by individuals who are the very best in their field and never fail to deliver.

So now let’s check out which sessions are available and what to go to.

Pre-Conference Tutorials

Pre-Conference tutorials take place May 28th and I would recommend:

Automating Azure: From Command Line to DevOps for IT Pros
This will definitely help boost your OpenText Azure deployments and management.

Automation is a key for successful deployment of Azure infrastructure solutions in a consistent and optimal manner. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks and deployment of your infrastructure resources. In this full-day tutorial, you will learn how to move from the imperative scripting at the command line with Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI to the deployments using declarative Azure ARM Templates and Terraform to fully automated deployments with Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions. The tutorial includes a variety of practical exercises after each presentation. Read more here

Building Microsoft Teams Custom Solutions
This session will get you better insights in the capabilities to build out your standard integrations with Teams and OpenText Extended ECM.

Microsoft Teams is not only one of the most productive collaboration platforms for the modern workplace. Microsoft Teams is also a platform for developing solutions. There are plenty of options to build business-level solutions on top of Microsoft Teams. In this workshop, you will learn what the extensibility models are, what tools you can use to build custom solutions on top of Microsoft Teams, and how to create such kind of solutions.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to build business-level solutions to extend the out of the box experience of collaboration in Microsoft Teams. The workshop targets developers, willing to learn how to extend Microsoft Teams to improve the productivity of users. Read more here

Keynotes and Sessions

My top picks for Tues June 1st are as follows:

Jeff Teper: Microsoft collaboration
Jeff will give a live update on Microsoft collaboration and employee experience including updates for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva and more. You’ll learn all about the future solutions and see which solutions probably will be integrated in your next version of OpenText Extended ECM.

Introducing Microsoft Viva Connections
Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience – are you ready to inform, engage and empower your organization? See what the value is for your company. Imagine your OpenText content blended with Office 365 content providing you 360 degree insights.

Join us as we show you how Viva Connections provides a curated, personalized and company-branded experience that centralizes relevant news and conversations. Deploy easily as it’s fully integrated in the apps and devices your teams already use every day, like Microsoft Teams. Read more here.

Drive Deployment and Efficiency with Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
Learn about the containerized path of OpenText Extended ECM and how it leverages Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) to simplify deployment and upgrade operations and improve application scalability. This meeting provides an overview of some of the concepts and a demonstration of the deployment process. Benefits of Attending this Session: Best practices AKS, Deployment flexibility and Increase upgrade speed. Read more here

My top picks for Wed June 2nd are as follows:

Azure Firewall in the Real World
Every network deployment in Microsoft Azure, except for the smallest, should have some form of firewall in addition to the free Network Security Groups.

In this session, you’ll learn about the features of Azure Firewall, how to use Azure Firewall in the real world, and how to best make the most of this platform-based, DevOps, focused security system – yes, there will be some ARM templates. Read more here.

The Future of Hybrid Work
We’ve quickly adapted and are realizing years of digital transformation in months.  As we look to the future hear live from Microsoft’s, Karuana Gatimu about the future of hybrid work. Read more here.

Microsoft Viva Insights: Create a Culture Where People and Business Thrive
The success of your business hinges on the success of your people. When people feel balanced, they can bring their best. Discover how you can empower, people, teams, and organizations to improve productivity and wellbeing through data-driven, insights and actionable recommendations with Microsoft Viva Insights.
You’ll also learn about the default safeguards you can rely on to protect personal privacy, such as de-identification, aggregation, and differential privacy. Read more here.

I am looking forward to ESPC21 Online! Hope to see you there!

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