Operational Steps to Boosting your SharePoint Search Maturity Level

Getting the best out of a SharePoint deployment requires
meticulous planning, as well as a series of milestones and
guidelines against which the success of the SharePoint project can
be measured. Sadalit Van Buren’s SharePoint Maturity Model
version 2.0 looks at operational steps to boosting your SharePoint search maturity level (

) and is a good place to look for some answers.

In this model Van Buren defines Search Competancy as

“(Search is the)… ability to query indexed content and return
results that are ranked in order of relevance to the search query.
Areas of focus include scopes, display of results, optimization,
integration and connectors, and performance.”

The model then splits this into five levels of increasing
maturity. For the purposes of this article, let us focus on the
requirements for achieving what the model defines as the second
highest level of SharePoint Maturity:

“Content types and custom properties are leveraged in Advanced
Search. Results customized to specific needs, may be

In the following section, we will break this competency level
down into three key areas and examine how to achieve them using the
functionality available in standard SharePoint 2010.  To view
the full blog by Surfray
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