Part 1 – Easily Enable SharePoint Spaces

In this article, I will cover some different ways you can use to easily enable SharePoint spaces in a modern SharePoint site.
This is the first article of a series I aim to publish as I review the options currently available in SharePoint spaces. Stay tuned for future content.

SharePoint Spaces Series

  • Part 1 – Easily enable SharePoint spaces
  • Part 2 – SharePoint Spaces structures


In summary, we can describe SharePoint spaces as:

SharePoint spaces is a web-based, immersive platform, which allows you to create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences. Add a new dimension to your intranet by using 2D and 3D web parts to create your mixed reality vision.

When you create a new SharePoint modern site, spaces are not enabled by default. They become available by enabling the Spaces feature in the site. This can be done manually via site settings, or programmatically using the feature with Id 2ac9c540-6db4-4155-892c-3273957f1926.

The feature activation adds the Space (Preview) content type to the Site Pages library, and the option to create a new Space appears in two places.

In the homepage toolbar:

Create Space from homepage toolbar

And also in the New menu of the Site Pages library.

Create space from Site Pages library

But let’s see some different options to easily enable the Spaces feature.


To enable the SharePoint Spaces feature manually, go to Settings  Site information  View all site settings  Manage site features. In the site features page, click the Activate button for the Spaces feature.


We can easily enable the feature in PowerShell using PnP PowerShell

Enable-PnPFeature -Identity 2ac9c540-6db4-4155-892c-3273957f1926

CLI for Microsoft 365

Similar to PowerShell, we can easily enable the feature from a command-line interface using CLI for Microsoft 365

m365 spo feature enable --url --featureId 2ac9c540-6db4-4155-892c-3273957f1926 --scope Web --force

PnP provisioning template

If using a PnP based provisioning engine to control the creation of sites, you can simply add the following feature activation element to your XML template

    <pnp:Feature ID="2ac9c540-6db4-4155-892c-3273957f1926" />

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Rodrigues, J. (2021). Part 1 – Easily enable SharePoint spaces. Available at: [Accessed: 30th August 2021].

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