How a Pharmaceutical Company Improved Document Management with Ontolica


How a Pharmaceutical Company Improved Document Management with Ontolica?
More than 500,000 enterprise clients in 25 nations use Ontolica. What is the reason for its escalating global reputation? Online search effectively unlocks the business processes a client wants driven from their website. Ontolica’s ability to generate search optimized SharePoint workflows allowed Ironwood Pharmaceuticals to manage nuanced search experiences, while delivering direct marketing/segmentation data. The seamless content aggregation was both flexible and automated. Ironwood was able to streamline its promotional presentation using Ontolica with Nintex and HighPoint Solutions.

SharePoint workflows
Ontolica’s single point of search generates metadata-driven grouped results pages applicable to SharePoint workflows precisely because of its capacity to separate search outcomes. The consequent division of information into articles, images, products and videos can be readily adapted for application by SharePoint workflow processing. Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, an organization that develops medical treatments tailored to patients’ specific medical needs, to help physicians and health care personnel, sought these solutions.

The case of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Ironwood’s research-driven processes develop and market new medical products that innovatively treat numerous diseases and are adaptable to specific patient uses. At Ironwood, Ontolica was used in conjunction with HighPoint and Nintex solutions to more flexibly implement SharePoint workflows and related R&D objectives.

Locating specialized data grew increasingly difficult for Ironwood as its research processes required an ever-growing quantity of searches for documents containing specific case numbers and data. Because the sought case-numbers were frequently obscured among words of longer titles, Ironwood’s SharePoint applications only slowly found the necessary information. Three ways Ontolica helped Ironwood improve its document management were:

• Customization. Use of Ontolica modified the firm’s search template, permitting rapid and efficient location of numbered case documents through revitalized deployment and interface. Accessing the ability to visualize documents within the workflow sped up the process toward quicker resolution. The resultant accuracy and process acceleration maximized the function of SharePoint workflows, enhancing user satisfaction. The need to retrain users diminished significantly.

• Centrally Based Management. Metadata allowed centrally based management of search-generated documents through the use of uniform terms. The better-structured search format was more readily associated with selected documents relevant to the particular search application. Large set results were flexibly navigated across millions of documents in a mutually supportive, collaborative environment. Consequent user empowerment also encouraged a search autonomy that linked search applications to the larger enterprise objective.

• Powerful Navigation Features. Ontolica’s refiners and quick filters combined to generate solutions for faster, more reliable document location, exceeding the purview of unaided SharePoint workflows, on a scale of millions of documents. Leveraged as simple tab-based navigation, Ontolica quick filters permitted agile refinement of content to suit enterprise purposes. Here again, strong group collaboration was supported through enriched search capabilities, supplementing work process completion.

Ontolica’s delivery of Ironwood’s promotional review and approval processes were supplemented by:
1) Leveraging Nintex Workflow 2010′s capacity for automated business processes; 
2) Accessing HighPoint Solutions for strategic development of SharePoint workflow processes, while strictly adhering to government regulations.

The Nintex/HighPoint partnership offered strategically committed delivery of business value for Ironwood. Nintex’s authoritative, dependable SharePoint products joined well with Ontolica’s search enhancements to streamline Ironwood’s business processes. This combined with HighPoint’s specialized expertise in solutions management and strategy for life sciences firms like Ironwood. 

Ontolica’s enhanced library browsing and search functionality generated solutions for Ironwood Pharmaceuticals that located, perceived and recognized the pertinence of data. The result was better document creation, delivering the desired content and customized to the precise needs of the organization. In collaboration with Nintex/HighPoint, the flexible, automated marketing processes united into a seamless content aggregate, improving the delivery of SharePoint workflows.

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