Practical Azure Application Development – Getting Started with Azure NoSQL Services

Get started and learn a step-by-step approach to application development using Microsoft Azure. Select the right services to solve the problem at hand in a cost-effective manner and explore the potential different services and how they can help in building enterprise applications.

Azure has an ample amount of resources and tutorials, but most of them focus on specific services and explain those services on their own and in a given context. Practical Azure Application Development focuses on building complete solutions on Azure using different services. This book gives you the holistic approach to Azure as a solutions development platform.

This book:

  • Covers Azure as a solution development platform for building applications
  • Provides real-world examples to understand why and when an Azure service is required
  • Discusses how Azure helps to achieve continuous improvement and expansion of an application
  • Provides application development experience from purchasing Azure to integrating with core Azure services, including an introduction to DevOps with VSTS

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Vijayakumar Thurupathan (Thuru) is an associate solutions architect at Tiqri ( and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Thuru has been involved in the design and development of various software solutions for many enterprises and startups. Thuru is a versatile speaker and a known blogger. He specialises in software design, business intelligence, the security development life cycle, and data intelligence services. He lives in Colombo, and enjoys travelling and eating. Blog:, Twitter: @thurutweets.


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