Predictions for Office 365 by Dux Raymond Sy

  1. It’s Just the Beginning for Microsoft Teams. I know it seems like all every modern workplace professional has been talking about is Microsoft Teams, but the hypergrowth period is still to come believe it or not! Microsoft released that there are 13 million monthly active users on Teams, which is a fraction of the 180 million commercial monthly active users for Office 365. Many organizations that have just deployed it across a quarter of their organization will start to expand their deployments and governance will become all important to ensure a secure, well managed environment. 
  2. Office 365 Administrator Titles Will Emerge. Life is different in the cloud. In the on-premises world there were traditionally admins for siloed workloads- SharePoint admin, Exchange admin, etc. But in Office 365, responsibilities begin to overlap with things like Groups cutting across multiple traditional roles. Organizations will realise more and more that they need someone who is responsible for the big picture of Office 365 deployment all up. 
  3. Office 365 Admin Responsibilities Will Be Delegated More Granularly. The cloud and Office 365 remove data siloes and make cross organizational collaboration easier than ever before. One side effect that results from that is it can be challenging for large or diverse organizations to create the right team of admins with the right mix of permissions for effectively managing digital workspaces (Groups, Teams, SharePoint sites, etc). In 2020, organizations will figure out the right mix and tools for giving their admins the right scope and permissions. 

About Dux

With over 20 years of business & technology experience, Dux is the CMO of AvePoint. He has successfully driven digital transformation initiatives for commercial, educational and public sector organisations worldwide. A sought after trusted advisor, Dux is the author of “SharePoint for Project Management”. He is a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who has authored whitepapers, industry articles and delivered interactive presentations to over 50,000 people in major industry events worldwide. Learn more about Dux at and Twitter: @meetdux 

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