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Avoiding Common Pitfalls when Developing with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

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This session goes beyond “intro” level SPFx content, to discuss common issues when you start using the SharePoint Framework for real. We’ll cover pitfalls related to TypeScript, npm and dependencies, SPFx security, and also focus on challenges related to team development – including new causes of “it works on my machine!”. Perhaps you have existing JavaScript code you’d like to re-use with SPFx, so we’ll talk about better ways to do that than copy/paste. We’ll also look at traps you can run into when you’re ready to release a version of your SPFx web part – ranging from accidentally bundling JS libraries, to not “shrink-wrapping” your dependencies for a reproducible build.

You will learn:

  1. Good background knowledge and context on SharePoint Framework development
  2. Demos of each key pitfall as the developer/development team will experience them
  3. Clear structure, discussing the specific problem areas and which actions should be taken to avoid them
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