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Development Best Practices for a New Development World

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Development in 2017 for Microsoft Office and SharePoint is a whole new landscape. Most examples for Office and SharePoint development I have seen on the internet have security flaws, performance flaws and follow poor coding practices. These of course are just samples written on how to perform a single task and presume that you know how to correctly implement these things. However, no one actually covers how to do these things and what to consider when developing these forms of applications. In this session I will cover the fundamentals of designing your custom applications, ensuring performance is a non issue while keeping your code maintainable. I have analysed in 2016 hundreds of applications, millions of lines of code, from hundreds of sources and the results of which will be presented in this session. Every example will have a bad and a good way of showing the code, and we will even perform a live performance test on several coded solutions that at a first glance look similar but perform completely differently, and I will show you why.

You will learn:

  1. Avoiding the easy to fall into security holes of Apps and SharePoint Framework
  2. Understanding browser, API and framework performance
  3. Good practices for a maintainable coded solution
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