A Developer’s mind-shift from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

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T4- A number of architectural changes and new features have beenintroduced with SharePoint 2010. .net developers as well as
SharePoint 2007 developers are normally very eager to start
learning the new technologies but find it hard to map out a roadmap
and structured plan to skill up in the new technology. When
developers or architects are required to use the new technologies
they are most likely only exposed to the areas of functionality
which is relevant to the project which they work on. Research being
done through using the internet is very helpful but very
unstructured and the developers can easily lose sight of the
overall architecture and best-fit areas of functionality.

In todays competing markets it is important for developers to be
pro-active in the uptake of new technologies. Developers feel they
are always one step behind new technologies and find it difficult
to spend time in a very demanding work environment to do research
and study technological advancements.

In my career I always wanted to try keep up with new
technologies but it took almost 12 years for me to discover how I
can practically make a mind-shift which will enable me to be
successful in keeping up with new technological advancements. In
this session I talk the audience through 14 new areas of
architectural changes in SharePoint 2010 and help them to
categorize the changes into smaller segments which can then be
prioritized to formulate their own training path. This discussion
will help the audience in two areas.

1. It will help the audience to get a clear understanding of the
new changes in SharePoint 2010 and
2. It will help the audience to adapt a set of habits and
practical steps which will enable them to structure their approach
to any new technology in a way which will guarantee success.

The developers out there are great. They have the talent, they
are enthusiatic, the toolsets are amazing and the world markets are
hungry. Please join this session to discover that you have the
ability to unleash the power to prosper.

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