Duet Enterprise – The Bridge between Desktop and SAP Applications

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Th4- Most enterprises have SAP and Microsoft as theirstandard software suppliers. Therefore both companies have
partnered very closely for more than 18 years to achieve optimal
integration possibilities for maximizing the existing investments
in both platforms. With the first version of Duet, formerly
codenamed Mendocino, the partnership achieved a milestone for
integrating structured SAP data with the work style of information
works in Microsoft Office. Duet Enterprise takes it to the next
level. It is a very flexible and extendible framework with ready to
use capabilities. Duet Enterprise allows customers to create cross
business unit as well as business unit specific scenarios and
applications very easily. This means the way for accessing SAP
processes through Microsoft productivity tool is revolutionized. In
this session you will learn about the advantages and what our
partnership means for your company.

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