Practical Strategies for Governance, Adoption and Training

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Office 365 has changed the way we work and connect with our colleagues both inside and outside the organization. It has created new and complex challenges for governance teams – and created new challenges for adoption and training. This session provides practical and detailed recommendations about how you can create and align your governance strategy with the rapidly changing world of work. And, more importantly, how you can put your governance plan into action in a sustainable and “consumable” governance, adoption, and training delivery strategy that drives business results. You will take away practical strategies and examples that you can use immediately! 

Benefits of Downloading this Session: 

  1. Take away a detailed design specification that you can use to create your own governance and training site. 
  2. Specific content you can add to your governance and training plan. 
  3. See a live demo of an actual governance site created with this approach. 
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