Building Smart HTML 5 Compliant Sites on Office 365

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Hammering an on-premise SharePoint publishing site into HTML 5compliant submission is typically surrounded with lots of good old
code. There is one slight snare, the larger part of this code is
not available in sandboxed solutions and hence does not run on
Office 365. Also, many of the solutions presented on the internet
today take away important capabilities for your users, such as
support for Web Parts.

In this session, you will learn about alternative approaches for
achieving HTML 5 Walhalla on Office 365, without losing
capabilities of SharePoint. You will get to learn about declarative
approaches to minimising the amount of scripts downloaded by
anonymous users. You will learn how to integrate HTML 5 elements
into the rich text editor of SharePoint and how to use the Script
On Demand framework to initialise your solution’s presence on
client machines. Other samples include a pretty decent structure
for deploying the assets that make up a website, as well as the
necessary structures for provisioning your site in such a way that
it is pre-initialised and ready to go right after creation.

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