SharePoint Governance, Part 1: Implementing End-to-End SharePoint Governance

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SharePoint Governance is a buzzword, but why? Governanceitself is not new. SharePoint, however, is a platform for
delivering business solutions. As such, SharePoint shines a
spotlight on everything that’s good and bad about your business
processes, project management, change management, information
management policies, and IT service delivery. SharePoint forces
organisations to realise that governance -from the business
strategic to the technical level and everywhere in between – is

In this comprehensive discussion of business and service
governance, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme brings together elements of
respected management, project and development frameworks, informed
by his experience with and lessons learned from thousands of IT
professionals, managers, developers, end users and CIOs around the
globe. Dan identifies the critical factors for successful
governance, including vision, roles and responsibilities,
accountability, measurability, process, and iteration.

You come away with messages you can use to understand and
communicate the role of SharePoint to your organisation, an
invaluable framework with which to translate requirements to
design, guidance for avoiding requirement gathering spin-cycles,
and an understanding of the strategic, cultural and procedural
components of a successful SharePoint implementation.

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