SharePoint Governance, Part 3: Automating SharePoint Governance & Management

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Are you tired of click-click-clicking through the user interface every time a user needs a new site? Are you concerned
that administrators and users are not complying with your
governance policies when they deploy new sites, lists, and
libraries? Are you unsure whether security permissions are
consistently and correctly applied? Do you want to empower the
business with self-service capabilities but you can’t trust them to
do the right thing? If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, then this session is for you. In this advanced
governance and management session, SharePoint MVP and
administrators’ idol Dan Holme unveils a framework for automating
SharePoint administrative tasks to enforce your service and
information management policies.

You will take away a set of tools that you can apply and extend to
create a secure, proxied model for SharePoint administration. The
session assumes you have some understanding of Windows PowerShell,
which is used to power the scripts Dan shares. But even if you
aren’t a PowerShell expert, you will be able to take the tools Dan
gives you and put them to work in your enterprise.


Dan Holme discusses Automating SharePoint Governance

Dan Holme discusses Automating SharePoint Governance

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