Automated Tagging / Metadata Management with SharePoint 2010

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W24- Metadata are the future of intelligent informationmanagement. Automatic Generation of Metadata in SharePoint 2010
ensures quality, saves time and decreases the costs of searching
for certain information.

Increasing amounts of information are making it difficult to
keep an overview of the enterprise knowledge. Overall, an
information Worker spends an average of 26 per cent a day looking
for information.

Modern Content Management Systems like Microsoft 2010 help to
manage knowledge efficiently by focusing on metadata as a new
filing system. By using metadata content and documents are easier
to find and can be published group-specific.

In SharePoint 2010, metadata is tagged manually. But manual
content tagging takes much time, leads to inconsistent and
heterogeneous data or it will not even be used.

According to an IDC study more than 50 percent of all data loss
is due to employee negligence (IDC 2010). The solution is an
automatic analysis of content and the extraction of relevant terms
and named entities.

beyCoo for SharePoint enhances the capabilities of SharePoint
2010 in intelligent and automatic management of documents and
content by using an automatic enrichment of suitable metadata.

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