How Does Knowledge Get in YOUR Enterprise?

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After a couple of years of “”Knowledge Management””, the focusand the hope of the IT business and users are on “”Enterprise 2.0″”
and “social”. Enterprises spent a lot of time and effort in storing
data, implementing Decision Support Systems, building Information
retrieval systems, and so on. But more than ever, we search
endlessly in our Inboxes for relevant information and are faced
with “information overload” – and now new sources like Twitter,
Facebook & Co. provide even MORE information?

This speech focuses less on what the so called “Knowledge
Management” IS, than what it WANTS: We want to be able to find the
information right WHEN we need it (information-just-in-time), and
we want to be able to benefit from the experiences of our
colleagues … We will discuss, how – and why – the “social” topic
can provide additional benefit in the process of “sharing
knowledge” within the organization: I suggest to seeing the social
tools like Twitter, Facebook & Co not just as additional
sources of information, but as a FILTER: when someone follows the
“right” people, one will be more easily provided with valuable
links to articles you probably never would have found on

Microsoft SharePoint Server supports these processes with a
large set of new features, like Taxonomies, Content Types,
Meta-Tags, Blogs, Wiki (and be aware that a Wiki is not
“Wikipedia”: companies do not to build a Glossary, when the decided
to use a Wiki. Wiki is just an easy functionality to allow members
of an organization to provide content with links to other articles,
without having to learn HTML, … ), social tagging, rich media
content, and much more. Sharing Knowledge is not a technological
problem – but this technology can help.

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