The Natural Law of Collaboration – Where Does it Start?

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Discover the natural Law of Collaboration

Mostly Collaboration starts when a new Platform is installed or evaluated. But this is completely wrong and one of the causes, that many SharePoint Projects fail. Collaboration starts actually in the way your employees think. And mostly they think according to your Company Culture. So is your Company Culture ready for Collaboration? If not, you can implement whatever System for Collaboration but it will fail. Start Collaboration from your Culture, and define your values to effectively introduce a new Platform. Learn how our thinking, Values, Company Culture and the Management influence knowingly and unknowingly your Collaboration Strategy.

Presentation Benefits:
Users will learn that Collaboration does not start in deciding a Platform or installing a System. It starts somewhere else, in our brain.

You Will Learn:

  • To be more successful with Collaboration
  • About the natural law of Collaboration
  • To be aware of influencers of your Collaboration Strategy
Samuel Zuercher on the Law of Collaboration

Samuel Zuercher on the Law of Collaboration

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