The Ultimate SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices

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There are a myriad number of approaches to design and architecture of SharePoint servers, not all of which are ideal, however. Since the design of a SharePoint environment is subsequently critical to its performance and functionality, it is critical to understand what are the best practices around SharePoint infrastructure design. SharePoint architects need to be aware of the various installation options, the differences between SharePoint search architecture models, how and when to virtualize SharePoint, and ways to optimize the SQL Database tier of SharePoint. This session goes right to the heart of the matter, providing for physical and virtual architecture guidelines and specific configuration settings that can immediately be used to construct best practice SharePoint 2010 environments. In addition, a high level look at architecture changes in SharePoint 2013 and new models at the data tier in SQL 2012 are outlined. Real world advice obtained from the presenter’s experience designing hundreds of production SharePoint farms is provided, and the installation options are discussed frankly.

Presentation Benefit:
Attendees will gain an understanding of the best practices associated with the setup, configuration, and maintenance of a SharePoint 2010/2013 environment.

You Will Learn:

  • Understand how simple changes made at the storage tier of SharePoint can greatly improve performance.
  • Learn how to architect for the three tiers of SharePoint Infrastructure.
  • Examine security considerations for SharePoint infrastructure.
Michael Noel on  SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices

Michael Noel on SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices

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