Dashboard Madness with PerformancePoint Services

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Demo, demo, demo. PerformancePoint Services, PerformancePoint Services, PerformancePoint Services

Do you need inspiration on how to set up and configure your dashboard?

Then this session is for you. There will be a myriad of possibilities viewed and
examined, ranging from the most simple with few components, to
advanced setups with the integration of many different elements.
Most of the examples are based on experience from real world

The primary focus is on PerformancePoint Services as dashboard
tool and how it can be used as a “shell” to integrate analytic
charts, scorecards, Reporting Services, Excel Services and Visio
Services in a neat and functional way. One example is how to use
scorecards as a navigation element. Another is on integrating a
document library to show related help, documentation and


Just Blindbaek discusses PerformancePoint Services
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