Think You Can Hack SharePoint?

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Do you want to hack SharePoint?

What is a hacker? In the dictionary a hacker is defined as a computer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems. We all know that in reality a hacker is someone who tries to gain access to anything that they do not have access too, file shares, websites, wifi or even your blog site. SharePoint is such a large platform that has many entry points that we need to minimize the attack surface.

In this session we will look at what it would take to “hack” SharePoint, but more importantly how to protect and secure the content and the site entry points to stop those pesky hackers getting in.

Presentation Benefit

This session will allow SharePoint Admin’s and other users a like to see the real worlds issues such as misconfiguration and how to resolve this in their environments.

What you will Learn:

  • SharePoint vulnerabilities
  • How to mitigate hacking attacks using topology
  • How to mitigate hacking attacks using configuration.
Liam Cleary asks Can You Hack SharePoint?

Liam Cleary asks Can You Hack SharePoint?

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