Faulty by Design – Top 10 Developer Mistakes

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Given the flexibility and depth of SharePoint integration, your development work can cause failures from a single page, up to and including rendering an entire company worthless by taking down the farm. Come learn from the Top 10 Developer mistakes made while developing enterprise systems on top of SharePoint. Learn that besides a horrible development approach apps actually do have benefits as well. Figure out novel ways of debugging your production code and more. In this session you will receive the tools you need on your journey to becoming the next Spider, eh, SharePointman.

Presentation Benefit:
Prevent common development pitfalls which cost money and pride

You Will Learn:

  • The attendees will learn how to spot development issues
  • The attendees will learn how to approach software development for SharePoint
  • The atttendees will learn how SharePoint development differs from normal application development and how that impacts the development methodology.
Top 10 Developer Mistakes

Top 10 Developer Mistakes

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