Introducing K2’s New No-Code Cloud Based WorkFlow Apps for SharePoint

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Struggling to code? Checkout K2’s No-Code Cloud Based WorkFlow Apps!

Hybrid is fast becoming the new normal for SharePoint organizations. The challenge is how to enable citizen developers and technical developers alike to build business apps that span cloud and on-premises and to ensure cloud doesn’t become the next information silo. In this session K2 will introduce a new no-code, cloud-based platform for creating workflow and forms apps that seamlessly integrate with SharePoint online, on-premises or both. With browser-based design tools, access to LOB data on-premises or in the cloud and zero infrastructure requirements, K2 removes the headache of online or on-premises and lets you focus on solving business challenges.


Moises Tavira discusses No-Code Cloud Based Workflows

Moises Tavira discusses No-Code Cloud Based Workflows

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