How the New SharePoint/Yammer Platform Will Give You Superpowers

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If you could have only one super-power, what would it be? And, what if I told you that SharePoint/Yammer superpowers at work now exist? Not only do they exist but they can be changed on a daily basis. We’re not talking about “Superman” with the powers of super human strength but more like Iron Man with the help of technology, data and mobile technologies from Microsoft. There are some obvious powers that the new Yammer/SharePoint solution delivers. Infinite Adaptation is one of my favorites – the ability to be able to quickly test assumptions then evolve the company based on the results. Reading Minds is another, where Yammer/SharePoint admin can quickly determine who are helping the company most and who may need more training. And, after much debate – back and forth Microsoft decided to add a few more superpowers to their platform. These have been kept secret until now – but I’ll unmask them on stage in front of you – for the first time ever. Is your Spidey sense tingling yet?

Presentation Benefit
Due to the speaker’s relationship with Microsoft, learn firsthand (and early) how SharePoint/Yammer will:* Learn more about your organization than the organization knows about itself * Identify hidden experts and influencers within your organization* Quickly transform ordinary employees into super productive employees* Integrate with other tools to make the entire organization smarter* Avoid bad projects and provide more resources for the successful ones.

You Will Learn:

  • Why employees will become super-empowered
  • Why companies will obtain the ability to “read minds”
  • How SharePoint/Yammer will make your organization highly competitive
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