Process Automation goes Hand-in-Hand with Process Management

As organizations look to secure wins in their pursuit of process excellence, automation is an increasingly popular addition to their toolkit. But don’t be deceived into thinking this approach is a standalone solution.

Good process automation is built on a foundation of excellent process management, forming part of a pattern of continuous improvement that is supported and driven by insightful process optimization.

This creates a cycle of ongoing improvement that engages teams, capitalizes on good technology and focuses on delivering customer outcomes. To create these optimal conditions for process automation, you need a comprehensive and versatile suite of tools that can manage, automate and optimize your processes.

Nintex is the best end-to-end process solution, which was recently enhanced with the release of the Nintex Workflow Generator.

Integrate workflows into your process management tool

The Workflow Generator is a new function within Nintex Promapp® that easily integrates workflows into the process management platform.

Nintex facilitates easy and effective collaboration between process experts and technical specialists, with powerful tools that create automation solutions with a few clicks instead of lines of code, thereby overcoming those technical barriers of automation which frequently result in slow process improvement.

With a single click, process experts can nominate processes that they’ve optimized for automation. The tool uses natural language processing to identify the optimal activities to include in a workflow.

Once confirmed, these choices are automatically transferred into a Nintex workflow framework and the workflow designer is informed. These automation experts receive a copy of the source process alongside the templated automation, building stronger and clearer collaboration between teams and ensuring each can focus on their specialist strength with easy access to all the information they need.

When the workflow designer is finished and the workflow published, it appears in the Nintex Promapp environment. The process expert is notified and able to review the mapping activities before publishing the newly automated process for the organization.

Create efficiencies and promote teamwork

By creating the workflows directly from the procedure, there is greater clarity around the requirements and solutions can be developed faster, minimizing the need for rework. The result is custom automations that are built quickly and easily and embedded directly within the process.

Users can also track those automations within Nintex Promapp through the new Automation tab. Any workflows being utilized are listed there, with links to the associated processes.

Automated documents like input forms are included in the document library, with custom icons to make them easy to identify. Within the processes themselves, automated elements show up with highlighted activity boxes and dedicated swim lanes to make it clear where the workflows begin and end.

By integrating world class workflow automation with process mapping, and removing the technical barriers to great workflow solutions, teams have greater visibility over handoff points and exactly what efficiencies automation brings.

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