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Greetings from… where in the world… HOME! Believe it or not, I’m actually home on Maui for just a couple of days,  before heading to Sydney for a free, one-day SharePoint MasterClass covering governance and scalability. I will then be presenting a governance keynote and architecture session at the Australian SharePoint Conference. Hope you can join me!

Storage Optimization

Dan Holmes


As I’ve been traveling, I’ve received a number of questions from folks about where they can get my content to view “offline”, on the road, etc. With many thanks to Franklin Teagle, who spearheads our SharePoint Community Site, I can share with you a list of recent videos and recordings that he compiled. These are “live” recordings, with questions and answers, glitches, demos and “uh’s and ah’s”, but they’re a great way to catch up with some (if I may say so) pretty good SharePoint content.

Fellow MVP Michael Greth captured four of my sessions on his popular SharePointPodcast and has archived the recordings for on-demand access. From governance to storage optimization, these podcasts cover a wide variety of topics that seem to be valuable for the SharePoint community today:

Managing the SharePoint Disruption
Architecting SharePoint Governance
SharePoint Insanity Demystified
To BLOB or Not to BLOB?

As you certainly know from reading this column, I’ve been doing a lot of work on governance, and Microsoft just released video recordings of three sessions I presented at TechDays Belgium 2012 in Brussels two weeks ago, delivered back-to-back-to-back in one marathon day on February 15. These are now archived on Microsoft TechNet:

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Dan Holme, AvePoint was a speaker at the European SharePoint Conference 2011.

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