RSD GLASS Governance Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is the First Comprehensive Information Governance Platform that Embraces Fastest-Growing Collaboration Solution from Microsoft

One of the major challenges facing organizations today is applying information governance to the different information assets that reside in a variety of data sources and repositories. As Microsoft SharePoint is a central content platform where users can develop, manage, share and publish information, companies need to ensure that they remain in compliance even as data and document volume grows exponentially across the enterprise.

RSD provides non-intrusive governance for the SharePoint environment so that all content in an organization is governed consistently under the same corporate policies, regardless of where that content resides and in which system and jurisdiction. Customers rest at ease, knowing they will not have to chance a risky or costly migration in order to enforce governance policies. With RSD GLASS, content remains in-place in SharePoint while governed from one location. RSD GLASS enables governance controls without impeding growth and benefits of SharePoint environments – delivering a transparent and non-intrusive solution.

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