Can you access SAP data through Microsoft SharePoint?

Absolutely! For companies interested in extending the reach of
their current applications, consider Duet Enterprise, a product
jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft. Duet Enterprise combines
the collaboration and productivity supported by Microsoft
SharePoint with the business data and business-processing
functionality of SAP applications. With Duet Enterprise, companies
can easily boost user’s productivity and increase business agility
while expanding the value of their IT investments.

There are a variety of scenarios that can benefit from enabling
interoperability between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint with Duet
Enterprise. Those scenarios include workflow approvals such as
purchase requisition approvals and invoice approvals where the data
is pulled from SAP systems and presented to users through the
familiar interface offered by Microsoft SharePoint. Other scenarios
include time recorded requests including leave requests and
calendar templates, as well as, CRM scenarios and reporting.

Duet Enterprise enables companies to start their integration
projects fairly quickly and add sophistication as they grow. The
solution offers ready to use capabilities and tools that allow
companies to jump start the process while facilitating the
development of composites. Duet Enterprise also offers
pre-configured business objects that help expose SAP data,
workflows and reports to SharePoint users in a quick and simple
way. As business needs arise, companies can add more complex
scenarios by adding functionality to the ready to use capabilities,
editing SAP data, and customizing user interfaces.

As far as the end-user, Duet Enterprise exposes users to data
from SAP through the familiar interface provided by Microsoft thus
eliminating the need for training. Furthermore, by offering users
access to data through one, intuitive UI, users save time while
increasing their productivity.

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