A Selection of ITDM Tracks available at the European SharePoint Conference!

To give you an insight into the European SharePoint Conference
we have highlighted the ITDM Tracks on Tuesday the
18th of October.

  • Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA who will be
    presenting a track on “What to Avoid to Ensure Workflow
    Projects Succeed”
    at 12:15am

In this session Mike will cover key things encountered
all too often in efforts that go awry, as well as alternative ways
to do it instead. Issues range from application architecture,
process modeling, user interfaces, requirements gathering, and
integration strategies. For more information on this session click

  • Edin Kapic, Pasiona Consulting, Spain will be
    presenting on “Achieve SharePoint Success: Selling Your
    Solution to the Users”
    at 12:15am.

In this session Edin is going to speak about the key
preconditions for a successful SharePoint implementation focused on
the end users rate of adoption.  He will also cover the
“what is in it for me?” factor, that influences the end user
reaction to the solution and briefly explain the psychology of
change, that allows the SharePoint implementer to focus on finding
the champion users that will act as the solution “ambassadors”
throughout the organization. For more information on this session
click here

  • Rafal Lukawiecki, Project Botticelli Ltd will
    deliver a track on “Attractive DIY Business Intelligence:
    Dashboards, Pivots, Scorecards, KPIs, and Reports Using Microsoft
    SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, PowerPivot, and SQL Server 2008
    at 12:15am.

This session will overview several ways to create them,
focussing on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as their platform. You will
see PerformancePoint Services used to create a KPI, place it in a
scorecard and build a dashboard in no time at all while requiring
only basic knowledge of the underlying BI system. We will also show
you the self-service functionality of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting
Services, which simplifies the process of do-it-yourself generation
of ad-hoc BI reports. Geospatial reporting with Bing, self-service
analytics with PowerPivot and Excel, and collaborative dashboarding
with SharePoint will complete this tour-de-force of the wide
variety of tools available on the Microsoft BI platform. For more
information on this session click

  • Kristian Kalsing, Winshuttle, USA will be
    presenting on “Accelerating SAP Transactions with
    SharePoint and InfoPath”
    at 14:00am.

In this session, you will learn what it takes to surface SAP
transactions in SharePoint solutions following an approach that is
entirely driven by business users. In particular you will see
specific examples of how a business user can utilize SharePoint and
InfoPath to build alternative user interfaces for SAP, with no
programming involved. For more information on this session click

  • Mirjam van Olst, Avanade, The Netherlands who
    will be presenting a track on “Office 365: Delivering the
    Power of Cloud Productivity”
    at 14:00am

In this session Marjam will give an overview of the
full Office 365 stack and talk about the key benefits, different
editions and planning considerations. We will have a more in-depth
look at SharePoint Online where we go over the different usage
scenarios and the options there are for integration with on premise
systems. For more information on this session click

  • Alan Richards MVP, UK who will deliver a track
    on “Cutting Costs Using SharePoint 2010” at

In this session Alan Richards, will give an overview about
how using SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer
2010 they transformed paper into data rich electronic forms. Using
these 3 tools West Hatch transformed the way they collect and use
data across the School, making storage, retrieval and analysis of
that data easier and more responsive to the Schools needs. This
session will be mainly demo led showing you how to use these 3
tools to produce SharePoint forms without any coding knowledge. For
more information on this session click

  • Thomas Tuttenuj, RTS gutura GmbH, who will be
    presenting “Germany How Does Knowledge Get in YOUR
    at 16:15.

ESPC call for speakers 2024
In this session Thomas’s speech focuses less on what the so
called “Knowledge Management” IS, than what it WANTS: We want to be
able to find the information right WHEN we need it
(information-just-in-time), and we want to be able to benefit from
the experiences of our colleagues … We will discuss, how – and why
– the “social” topic can provide additional benefit in the process
of “sharing knowledge” within the organization. For more
information on this session click



  • Christian Buckley, Axceler, USA  who will
    deliver a track on “SharePoint’s Social Computing
    at 16:15.

This session will catalog the rise of commercial social media
tools, outline social media in the enterprise (business value,
changes to social informatics in the workplace, data and
intellectual property concerns), and present a scorecard of the
primary features of the leading solutions against SharePoint 2010
features in the enterprise, with guidance on how to build
comparable solutions in SharePoint, and with answers to concerns
about security, IP rights, data management, network impact, and
employee productivity. For more information click


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