Setting up the knowledge worker’s toolkit for the Autumn (and Winter)

As soon as the weather is getting cooler again (at least here in the North, hrrr…) after summer and autumn) months, it’s a good time to set back your thinking between your head and laptop. With this, I’m talking about working in a virtual office and doing knowledge work. More importantly, talking about taking steps for a communicative knowledge working community.

Are you familiar with the topic? For us knowledge workers the terms community, collaboration and virtual working are every day to us.

Most of us run into a community in our organisation, such as a project group, Yammer network, or a sports club consisting of your colleagues. Meeting people in a conference room is also a gathering of group, as irregular and short-time that might be.

My question is: How can we benefit from those moments shared with our groups to improve communication culture and collaboration? In addition, how can we share our tips and thus improve knowledge about everyday IT software (such as Office, Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint).

Further on, how can we improve the user experience of those people that they feel they can save time and improve their working efficiency? In the wildest UX related dreams they (and you) might have a chance to feel joy (?!?) instead of banging the head to the desk every now and then with things that don’t work properly or are just unknown for them.


What has inspired you during the current year regarding your knowledge work? Could you dedicate more time for that issue and promote it to others e.g. via blog posts and Yammer? SharePoint has all the possible tools for doing that, and Office 365 Video as the newest.

How could you help your colleagues with easy tips that may have tremendous effect on their working day?  What could be their turning point? As soon as you dedicate the empty time of your calendar sharing your caring, I bet you will do a good background job for the next year.  It will show as for improving the atmosphere of your working place at least.

After asking all these questions, I would encourage you to set up a tool box for sharing and spreading the smaller and bigger tips and ideas you have found out, but the others might not know them.


Also check out constantly the newest features Microsoft has to offer. I cannot hide my excitement waiting for the wonderful new stuff in O365, such as Boards, Articles and the development of Delve. It gets my legs wobbling when thinking about what to bring out for our community to utilise!

Keep on rocking guys, in the middle of autumn and winter too 🙂 And see you in ESPC15 in Stockholm!

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