SharePoint 2010 “Undefined” is Null or Not an Object

When using a custom Master Page within SharePoint 2010 you may
experience the following issue when creating site columns.


This error is caused by incorrect syntax within the master page
itself. To reproduce this issue, do the following.

1. Edit your custom Master Page


2. Locate the following section:


liam cleary2


3. Cut the selected lines so the code now looks like this:

liam cleary3


4. You can now check-in and publish your Master Page


5. Open a document library


6. Click the “Library” tab from the ribbon bar


7. Now select “Create Column”


8. Complete the values as required




9. Now when you click the “OK” button you should raise the


10. If you also try to delete a column it will error also with
the standard SharePoint Yellow error screen




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