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Just like any other Content Management System (CMS) and Document Management System (DMS), at many times the requirements emerges to move a huge number of documents with many levels of hierarchy to move to SharePoint from normal windows or network drives. This could become a tedious task, however there are number of options in SharePoint that can be used to move that data. Let’s discuss those options:

If the hierarchy is not huge and have little number of documents, we might use the SharePoint own interface to upload multiple documents into a folder. This option can only be used if we are uploading lesser number of document with approximately no metadata.

There are some open source tools available that might be used to upload documents from hierarchies and in bulk. Those are available on codeplex site. The links for those are listed below:

If we are to deal with little more documents and complex hierarchy and we have the budget then there are some good number of third party tools available that will cost some bucks and do the trick for you. These tools even provide the option to upload some metadata along with each document.

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PowerShell scripts are very powerful to perform a lot of stuff really good. By getting a simple familiarity with it can give huge benefits. The best thing is that in SharePoint PowerShell script we get the powers of windows shell and the SharePoint complete list of Cmdlets are available giving us power and flexibility to perform out tasks well.

“OneDrive for Business” from Microsoft has the capability to keep the documents on the hard drive using the OneDrive tool. That place on the hard drive can be used to get synchronized with the SharePoint libraries. In order to see that, just open the document library, and you will see a Sync button there. This button has been provided so that the hard drive get synched using OneDrive. Once the sync is completed, all the documents and the hierarchy will be available on the hard drive using OneDrive.  So we can follow these steps to achieve our target:

Create a document library in SharePoint.

Sync it, so that it will create a folder on hard drive using OneDrive desktop tool.

Now copy the complete folder structure and document that you need to copy to SharePoint library in that OneDrive folder.

As soon as we do that, the OneDrive tool will start synchronizing all of the contents with the SharePoint document library.

While moving the contents to SharePoint libraries, surely we should clean up our source location before going ahead as that no junk is stored in SharePoint as usually we keep lot of files on our local or network drives and not all of them surely need to be moved to SharePoint.

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