SharePoint and Digital Signatures – Your Most Successful SharePoint Project Ever

Esignature technology fulfills the promise of a completely digital work environment, where paper isn’t used, storage is online and documents can be shared and signed instantaneously for any successful SharePoint project.

It enhances the customer experience by making transactions effortless, takes into account security and compliance issues and most importantly, produces a return on investment that is substantial.  According to MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the accounting firm Deloitte, organizations that rank high in digital maturity generate 13% more revenue, are 50% more profitable and have 19% higher market valuations.

As member of the European SharePoint community, you know the importance of integrating SharePoint and eSignatures.  CoSign Central by DocuSign, works with SharePoint On-Prem, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Designer and many other important work flow tools including K2, Nintex, and Webcon.  SharePoint and other ECM’s enable the first part of digital transformation by organizing documents with meta data. But why stop there?  Esignaturescompletethe digital transformation with documents that can be online from start to finish—no more printing, physical signing or scanning.  Because eSignatures can be used with PDFs and with Microsoft Word and Excel documents, successful completion of the signing process is assured.

‪Some examples of the thousands of DocuSign clients that use eSignatures:

1.  DuPont uses Esignatures to complete sales agreements

2.  New employees at LinkedIn use DocuSign for signing offer letters and related forms

3.  Silicon Valley Bank has incorporated DocuSign into the process for their customers to open new accounts in person.  This technology is also utilized by quite a few banks in the UK and in the mortgage industry.

So what do you look for in a eSignature solution provider?  You want a company with bank grade security, carrier grade availability (no down time), global architecture that enables signing from anywhere in the world, and an open integration framework that enables the greatest number of devices to be compatible with the system.   If that isn’t enough to convince you, the AIIM organization has determined that 81% of digital signature projects reach ROI within 12 months, with 25% of these projects actually making ROI in 3 months.

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