SharePoint and Digital Signatures – Your Most Successful SharePoint Project Ever

“Adoption” is a hot topic for SharePoint pros—how can you increase user adoption in your organization? Alas, very often their complaint is: “We built it but they didn’t come!” The solution is to enable your users to digitally sign their documents from within their SharePoint system.

Digital SignaturesBy seamlessly integrating digital signatures into your SharePoint system and automated workflows, you can make everyone in your organization happy.

1. Employees can sign documents digitally without the need to print, sign and then rescan them back into the system. Users enjoy an online, intuitive and quick signing process because it shortens time-consuming and cumbersome work processes.

2. IT managers are delighted with the users’ enthusiasm for digital signatures because it increases adoption of SharePoint across the organization and increases productivity.

3. Department managers are able to use statistics from the workflow system to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their departments’ work processes.

4. Senior executives are pleased with their organization’s increased efficiency and agility, as well as savings on paper-related tasks.

But not every digital signature solution can “deliver the goods.” When investigating which digital signature solution to choose, there are several issues to consider among them:
1. Does your vendor have a long history of SharePoint support?

2. Can the solution be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint workflows and document-centric applications built with SharePoint Designer, K2, Nintex, and Visual Studio?

3. Does the digital signature product comply with the new EU “Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market” (eIDAS) regulation?

Read more about the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with both SharePoint Server and Office 365 / SharePoint Online.

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About ARX: 

About CoSign by ARX for SharePoint and EU regulation. CoSign by ARX is the strongest and most widely used digital signature solution with millions of users at businesses, governments and cloud services around the world. CoSign is the only digital signature solution that can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and related applications such as K2 and Nintex.

By seamlessly integrating digital signatures into existing document-related workflows, applications and services across their organizations, CoSign customers quickly transform slow and expensive signature-dependent processes into quick and efficient paper-free ones. They rapidly reach ROI through significant reductions in process times and paper-related costs, while ensuring trust, integrity and control across their business and IT environments, as well as compliance with the relevant EU legislation and industry-specific regulations.<

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