SharePoint in Berlin by Christian Buckley

After a couple days of sleep, I’m just getting back up to speed
following a week on the road in Germany and Belgium. After a false
start at SeaTac on the 15th with a cancelled flight due to
mechanical issues (never a good sign), I was able to get on a
flight mid-day Sunday, arriving in Berlin mid-day Monday (after a
lovely 5-hour layover in Amsterdam). This was my second time to
Berlin, and my first European SharePoint

SharePoint in Berlin

Christian Buckley

With over 700 participants at the Estrel Convention Center, the
Axceler booth saw a constant
stream of activity, and I found myself booting up my laptop to
provide additional demos as the two main monitors were constantly
busy. While I am not much of a nightlife guy, we were able to pull
together a SharePint event at the AM to PM Bar and Lounge with
several other vendors, and spent some quality time with members of
the SharePoint community outside of the convention center.

My presentations from the event have been updated (with some new
content and links) below:

SharePoint’s Social Media Scorecard

11 Strategic Considerations for SharePoint Migrations

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