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SharePoint Browser Support Matrix

With SharePoint 2010 SP1 support for Chrome and new support on reports and scorecards for iPad on iOS5 with the December CU… It’s definitely time to revisit Browser support. Please refer to “Plan Browser support (SharePoint 2010)” and “Plan for mobile devices” for the latest Official Microsoft details. I think it’s absolutely fabulous that Microsoft is now listing Firefox on Linux and Mac and Safari on Mac in the supportability Matrix, but what does this mean? What does supported with limitations mean? Please read on! You’ll find recommendations that go beyond the detail you’ll get on the TechNet site. If you see anything that’s incorrect please comment or tweet me and I’ll update it immediately. @joeloleson

Update: 3/16/12 Added details on iPad, more detail on Firefox and recommendations around avoiding the 64bit versions of IE. Also added that IE 10 beta works just fine in my testing, despite lack of unofficial support. You can anticipate that it will be supported at the release of IE 10.

OS/Browser Supportability Matrix

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