Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010

To truly realize your investment in SharePoint, it is recommended for all organizations to utilize Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD) in at least some capacity. Just like the browser, SPD will let you build SharePoint site components like subsites, lists, libraries, pages, site columns and content types. The difference is that doing it through SPD is much faster, easier and has a lot more customizable options. For example, creating a list and modifying its schema can be performed in just a couple of steps. In addition, you have the option to define custom actions (such as starting a workflow or displaying a form) that can be executed on each list item. You can also configure SharePoint site security directly within SPD.

In this video below, we explore the various interfaces of SharePoint Designer 2010. You will find more video tutorials on SharePoint Designer at

SharePoint Designer 2010

Asif Rehmani

Asif is a trainer and consultant primarily focused on SharePoint technologies. He is a SharePoint MVP and MCT. Asif is  the principal contributor for the SharePoint Videos website ( which provides SharePoint education for all levels of SharePoint users, developers and administrators. Asif also provides in-person and online SharePoint training through Critical Path Training (

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