SharePoint RBS for Dummies, Special Edition Ch 2: Untangling SharePoint BLOB Storage

The European SharePoint Community are delighted to bring you
Chapter 2 “Untangling SharePoint BLOB Storage ” by Steve Marsh
and Trevor Hellebuyck .

Do you have a mountain of SharePoint content that you’re trying
to manage? SharePoint RBS For Dummies, Special Edition, can help!
Discover how to reduce your costs while still getting peak
performance. With this book, you see how Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)
is used to optimize the storage of your content. Discover best
practices and different solutions you can deploy within your
SharePoint environment.

BLOB Storage

Steve Marsh

BLOB Storage

Trevor Hellebuyck


This FREE eBook contains excerpts from Chapter 2 “Untangling
SharePoint BLOB Storage”. In this chapter you will learn

  • The difference between metadata and BLOB
  • Understand what it means to be a BLOB
  •  Discover how SharePoint handles BLOB storage

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