You’re Missing Out if You Use SharePoint Just as File Share

Here is an exclusive new article from Adlib’s Riley

I guess you know you are in Los Angeles when people in the
audience include someone from 20th Century Fox. No, I wasn’t at an
audition… I was a presenter at the SharePoint 2010 Solutions
seminar being held by Adlib,
K2 and other
Microsoft partners (KnowledgeLake, AvePoint,
and BA Insight) yesterday.

The audience included a representative of MySpace, and
about 60 other people from universities, government agencies and
large businesses in the LA area, such as the Orange County Superior
Court and Medseek, Inc.

Opening the day-long learning event, Charles Maxson from
the Irvine, CA office of Microsoft reinforced the fact
that Microsoft views SharePoint as a platform; you are missing out
if you simply use it as a file share. You need to build or buy the
various components that your environment requires.

This is a great background to why we at Adlib (and the other
Microsoft partners participating) are doing this SharePoint 2010
Solutions roadshow: How can we help you, the end customer, get the
most out of your SharePoint investment?

There was lots of interest in the Adlib presentation, too. We
talked about multi-document assembly and taking steps to keep
processes off the SharePoint server (to avoid slowing it down).
Since Adlib’s software sits on another server and is only called up
by the SharePoint server, our rendering services don’t eat up
processing cycles on the SharePoint server. I found
the LA crowd to be a highly engaged audience, who asked lots of
questions of all the presenters.

Look for Adlib at further dates along the SharePoint 2010
Solutions roadshow over the next couple of months – next week we’re
in Seattle and the Washington, DC area, followed by appearances in
Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, Detroit and Toronto, Ontario the week of
February 7th…

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