SharePoint Governance & the Pillars of Wisdom – Part 1

The European SharePoint Community are delighted to bring you part 1 ” of  “SharePoint Governance & the Pillars of Wisdom” by Ian McNeice.

SharePoint Governance

Ian McNeice

Over the years the subject of SharePoint governance has taken on a distinctly technical flavour and confusion reigns. Ian have taken the opportunity of using his business-focused expertise to redressing the balance by returning the subject of SharePoint Governance to its origins – the business. In this exclusive business governance bible, Ian demonstrate how the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a philosophy that underpins all major belief systems, also underpins the corporate universe and how it applies directly to SharePoint. Using this practical guide, any organisation can prepare a complete governance strategy for SharePoint in the cloud and on premise, ensuring full alignment with their business program.


This uniquely informative bible of SharePoint business Governance is a real game changer by leading any reader to a practical understanding of how one should approach the subject of SharePoint Governance from a truly business perspective and how it can be simplified into a structure that really works.

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