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This submission was made by ALYA SRL as part of the European SharePoint Community Awards 2014 for Best Search Solution.

SharePoint challenge

The development of our solution borns from the need to extend the basic functionality of Sharepoint search. The research in the microsoft’s platform, works like google, infact it is based on keywords contained in the documents / folders of Sharepoint. You can’t perform a search based on additional metadata to sharepoint. In sharepoint foundation that function isn’t available, while in later versions of Sharepoint you need an expert to set up this sharepoint feature


SearchPoint extends basic SharePoint search functions, allowing users to obtain access to information in a quick, timely manner.
With its fast user interface, SearchPoint enables to choose the focus of one’s search (all the contents of one site, or alternatively, a single information set) and to filter information according to Sharepoint field values, quickly achieving the desired result. Thanks to component flexibility, it is also possible to configure the obtained result presentation mode.
With Searchpoint you have:
* Possibility of searching a whole Sharepoint site or specifying individual Document library or Lists;
* Possibility of configuring SharePoint search results, by specifying which Sharepoint fields to display;
* Possibility of configuring the returned number of elements for each page
* Possibility of grouping and ordering search results;
* Possibility of exporting results to Excel.

Benefits of Solution

Business productivity and cost reduction simply because the knowledge base contained in Sharepoint is easy and fast to find with our solution. And the Wasted time is reduced to the minimum for the search.
If you have the sharepoint standard or enterprise, you will not have to spend money on the configuration of the search metadata. Just install Searchpoint within a few minutes, saving time and money.

Interface for search

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