SharePoint Spaces Bring Mixed Reality to the Workplace for a new Business Experience

Microsoft SharePoint centralizes document storage and collaboration to help enterprises manage, organize and share documents. These days, SharePoint is one of the top business collaboration platforms, widely used by organizations of different types and sizes to meet their specific requirements.

SharePoint has become an indispensable tool for business organizations, wherever they may be in the world. Since organization teams are geographically scattered, sharing information and documents is a huge challenge. The business collaboration from Microsoft is the perfect solution for sharing documents, information and ideas as if the persons involved are in the same room. SharePoint programming language is in the ASP.NET framework, using C#. Apps for the platform could be developed in a lot of ways.


A SharePoint company makes use of the SharePoint development tools to meet customer requirements. An expert team of developers consist of SharePoint architects and technical consultants. The team drafts a consultative approach for customers to align with customer goals and requirements. It includes each aspect or part of the lifecycle of a project, from business process analysis and requirement study, implementation to deployment and architecture design.

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Microsoft provides business organizations with a new way to experience the platform—in mixed reality. The giant company announced that it would be adding feature to the content-sharing platform that’s used by more than 400,000 organizations during the SharePoint Virtual Summit. SharePoint Spaces is a new way and could be considered as one of the SharePoint development tools to create and interact with content, providing apps in employee onboarding, company learning and of course product development. The new feature would be available to all Office 365 commercial subscribers as soon as it officially rolls out.

Furthermore, Microsoft also announced some other improvements to the platform including different features such as an AI-powered search function, as well as a personalized feature. For small business owners, the announcement means they could build and interact with content in new and exciting ways. However, some of the features, particularly the mixed reality features in Spaces, could be more geared toward enterprises users.


SharePoint Spaces let entrepreneurs create mixed reality environments, from templates and a point-and-click build process. It means that users could create an interactive platform wherein employees could interact with content more engagingly. Furthermore, one would not require a headset to view content in Spaces. Once an environment is made, anyone in the organization could interact with it on any device. The feature provides practicality level, which make Spaces usable for all businesses, even those that do not have a headset.

Once a virtual environment is created, it makes it possible to build in content, which exists already on SharePoint. This enables businesses to work from existing content and build an interactive way of using the content. This appears to be the goal of SharePoint Spaces, to build a more engaging way for workers to interact with business content. The use instances at this point are limited, but Spaces could be treated as a first step for virtual reality and mixed reality in the common workplace.

Spaces, as one of the tools that could be used for Microsoft SharePoint development for employee onboarding and recruiting. It could provide a new platform for new workers to learn, regarding the company in a more engaging manner than a normal PowerPoint presentation or a one-on-one discussion with the manager. Also, Microsoft outlined the potential for virtual reality in product development. Workers could build 3D models of products to visualize enhancements and make notes. Beyond the two use instances, virtual reality in an office setting may be limited. Nonetheless, as technology develops and more and more businesses are starting to implement into their routine, new ways of using and interacting with mixed reality would emerge.


The following are Microsoft SharePoint skills that every developer should have.

  1. Communication Skills: SharePoint developer should have excellent communication skills. Seems obvious, this one often is dropped out. Particularly when a SharePoint developer is working in some offshore locations, like India, Philippines, Ukraine and more, for that matter. The skills not just help build a strong rapport with clients, but understanding complex business scenarios and requirements as well.
  2. Programming skills. SharePoint is built over .NET and most of the customization and development scope involves a SharePoint programming language or programming languages such as .NET, JavaScript, HTML, Jquery and more. Aside from these, a developer who render SharePoint development services should possess associated tech knowledge of admin as well as the servers associated with the platform, such as SQL Server administration, active directory control, Windows Server Administration and more.
  3. Industry specific processes knowledge. SharePoint’s purpose is to make the workforce more productive through rendering collaborative tools, which could help them be efficient to manage daily tasks. Although the platform is widely known as a collaboration platform, knowledge of how its features could help end users efficiently manage tasks is also important.
  4. Web parts development to ease end users requirement. Web parts, being elementary units of SharePoint web pages are also essential features of the platform. Using the web parts, users could build, modify and transform web pages easily. Thus, the ability to create custom web parts, which could solve a particular end-user problem, requires mastery on .NET programming skills.
  5. Basic skills in web designing. SharePoint could be used for building corporate intranets and extranet portals. The idea is to provide a central platform in which internal and external stakeholders could communicate, as well as collaborate with one another effectively, thus, a sound knowledge of website design is one of the valuable skills that a developer should possess.
  6. Microsoft certification is helpful to an extent. SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s flagship products.
    To hone SharePoint coding skills, Microsoft designed a few certification courses for authenticating programmers and developers to customize the platform, in accordance to end users and business needs. The certifications require developers to demonstrate continued ability of developing SharePoint solutions.

A couple of years ago, Microsoft overhauled the SharePoint software to better compete with Slack, Dropbox and Box. Furthermore, it goes a step further now, through bringing it to Mixed Reality headsets. Microsoft SharePoint development continuous to evolve, using the latest tech trends and tools to build solutions.


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