SharePoint users want to integrate their manually scanned documents in SharePoint

Every month organizations around the world generate thousands of physical documents that need to be manually scanned using
multifunctional devices or dedicated scanners. Those documents are stored in SharePoint, and integrated into internal or external
business workflows.  Documents that are transmitted to external parties (by fax, mail or email) often need to be copied,
scanned and then stored into a SharePoint archive (for legal or internal policy reasons).  All of those scanned documents need
to be easily accessible and retrievable based on key attributes (tags).

UDOCX integrates scanned documents from any MFP (Multifunctional Printers, Scanners or Copiers) with SharePoint and Exchange

UDOCX integrates any MFP with an on-premise or hosted server infrastructure so that physical documents can be scanned directly
into SharePoint or sent via email.  UDOCX is a cloud-based service that precludes the need for proprietary software or
hardware running on premise.  UDOCX converts scanned documents into archive-ready PDF files complete with OCR text that can be
copied, indexed and easy to search for. Documents stored in SharePoint are often used to initiate business workflows such as
invoices, purchase orders, credit checks, HR communications, and more.

UDOCX guarantees the ROI of both SharePoint and the MFP by adding value to both while providing a user interface that is
unparalleled in functionality and ease of use.

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