Simplify Learning – 6 Tips to guarantee learner involvement

Are you experiencing headaches due to training requirements? Or maybe having a tough time justifying the money you spend on employee training because you find it difficult to document results or gain learner involvement? Decisions to implement new learning technology are often dragged out due to worries that it won’t get used, the investment won’t pay off, or the additional cost and time spent implementing yet another isolated system.

However, with the right Learning Management System you won’t have to worry. Here are six things to consider ensuring that you get the easy, measurable, and successful learning process fit for the Modern Digital Workplace:

Make the user feel at home

  • Personalized learning experience. While one person thrives on chunked learning videos, others excel when they can review and take notes from a PowerPoint deck. Does the LMS allow you to provide mixed content so that everyone can find what they’re looking for? Make sure you’re able to create a learning experience that fits their needs to ensure successful LMS usage.
  • Make the LMS your own. Find a learning platform that you can customize to fit your needs in both look and functionality. Creating a familiar learning environment for your users and combining it with chat-based workspaces like Microsoft Teams will ensure an easy and motivational user experience.
  • Learning on mobile devices. Today’s workforce is connected 24/7 and your learning platform must be accessible to users whenever and wherever. The easier it is to gain access to what you need to use, the more you’ll end up using it – makes sense, right?

The administrator’s dream

  • Have your LMS integrate with existing systems for less headaches in IT while saving time and costs on employee training. Make sure learner data and results can easily connect to the rest of your IT portfolio, such as HRIS systems, CRM systems or ERP systems. To maximize your ROI it’s important these systems are able to talk to each other.
  • Content is king! Whether you have existing content, buy it “off-the-shelf” or need to create new material, you need to ensure that the LMS will support it. You need to be able to use your daily tools for content creation, and seamlessly map these into your courses, lessons, and training plan.
  • Analytics are key. You want to be able to show management that your investment is paying off. Learning analytics and dashboards that showcase user progress are therefore essential. Link these to analytics from your CRM to show how your employees’ improved skills have impacted communications to customers, or driven down costs associated to industry compliance regulations.

Stay on top with these tips and ensure that both learners and administrators are motivated and engaged when using your learning management system. The key is to simplify – make it easy for all parties involved.

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