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Why has Microsoft changed the name to Skype for Business? Now that Lync has begun to be so well known, why change the name?

Skype for Business

Skype for Business Call

The reason is simple: Reach a higher market share for Microsoft.

From many sales meetings Microsoft have done, many CIO’s was confused of what Microsoft was talking about during the first steps in the meeting. Until Microsoft asked “Do you have any experience of Skype?”, and most of the decision makers had so. They uses Skype private, and some also used it in their business. After that, the meeting went much better. But the CIO was still confused, why need Lync when we have Skype?

So why talk about Lync when for the most of people it’s about “skyping”?

The change the name from Lync to Skype for Business is mostly a marketing thing.

What is the change from Lync to Skype for Business?

  1. A new name
  2. A New client user interface, that remembers of Skype
  3. Minor additions on the server-side (the client is backward compatible, e.g. you usually don’t need to do anything on server-side)

Like it or not, but the above is already done. The user interface is similar to the Skype you have been used to use. And all functionality from Lync is kept, including the underlying security such as encryption that is missing from the consumer Skype.

And did you know? Many of the customers with in the healthcare sector are very interested of Skype for Business? This because the technology secures the communication and adhere to the more restricted policies and regulations that exists within that sector.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business – Participants

Skype for Business

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About the author Johan Tongetad:

I have a long and strong experience with my over 30 years in the IT-business. I began working with Microsoft in 1990, and I have a deep technical and development experience with most of the Microsoft Technologies.

My passion is for Office 365, and I love to talk about it. I see myself as an inspirer for companies of all sizes, to convince and help them to move into the cloud. My goal is to inspire people to see the benefits using the Office 365 environment for a cloud-based IT, and my passion shines thru me.

Johan Tongestad

Johan Tongestad

I’m the responsible manager at Sogeti in Sweden for the Office 365 Sales and Delivery center. I’m also a part owner in a small IT-company, which handles smaller companies to leverage the Office 365 platform and to move to it. I have done lots of deliverables on SharePoint and other Microsoft server technologies. I live as I learn.


I understand the challenges that both small and big companies faces, both infrastructure and development issues, as well as economic and political demands.
Curiosa: I was the one of the first of two persons in Sweden opening the very first box of SQL Server back in the 80’s.

Check out the 2016 European SharePoint Conference video:


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