Seven Ways to Stay Up-to-Date on SharePoint and Assessments


How do you find the key nuggets of information gold you need amongst all the verbiage on the Internet?

Here are some of the ways I stay up to date on SharePoint and Assessments, you can adapt many of these to your specific interests.

1. If you’re interested in e-learning, the site aggregates over 100 e-learning blogs elearning(including  this one) and has just introduced a personalizaton service which allows you to get a daily or weekly email alerting you to key-words used in the blog entries. For example you could personalize your email to include the topic “SharePoint” and then you’d get a daily or weekly email on SharePoint related e-learning blog entries.


2. Google Alerts is another great service – you just go to and put in your search query, for  example “SharePoint Assessments” and your email address, you’ll get an email with links any day that Google indexes something that covers your query.

Bamboo Nation

3. For specifically SharePoint information, I find Bamboo’s SharePoint Daily a very useful daily email. Its editor Chris  Dooley tracks the news and blogosphere keenly and you won’t miss much in the SharePoint world if you follow this.

Question mark blog

4. Assessment news is more diverse, but a couple of good places to look at are the e-assessment association and  Questionmark’s blog.


5. There are several LinkedIn groups that focus on SharePoint and also some that focus on assessment, higher  education or certification. And you can get daily or weekly updates on these. Some promotion and discussion as well as news, but worthwhile.


6. A strong way to stay in touch is Twitter, though it requires some time investment. I follow a few hundred people on  Twitter and check it a few times a day. This keeps me in touch with developments and people round the world. You can follow me on Twitter at @johnkleeman.


7. Last but hopefully not least, keep an eye on the SharePoint and Assessments blog at You can follow this blog by using the RSS button at the top right of the screen.
I hope this helps you stay up-to-date!

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