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Stephane Eyskens is a senior technical architect working with SharePoint since 2006 and mainly focusing on Office 365 and Azure PaaS for the past two years. As technology is constantly in movement, the Cloud became his priority over any kind of on-premise architectures. He specialises in Azure Active Directory Applications and platform as a service building blocks, mostly in combination with the development of applications for Office 365, including of course SharePoint Online.


Top Twitter Accounts to follow

The best one I know is my account @stephaneeyskens! Did you see a call for followers here? No, joke aside, I’d say that you can’t miss Vittorio’s twitter account ( @vibronet ) if you’re interested in Azure AD. On different topics, Richard diZerega always comes with interesting topics and is a must-have in your following list.


Top Blogs to follow

I must admit that I’m focusing more and more on Azure and less on SharePoint, however, I used to follow Chris Obrien’s blog ( ) as Chris always shares good and reliable content. Another very interesting blog is Richard’s one although he has been quiet for the past few months. For the past 2 years, I’m mainly following Microsoft product teams blogs such as AAD’s for instance. Microsoft is much more dynamic than before and is very active within the community.


Featured EBooks


ESPC call for speakers 2024
Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications. This awesome book, written by Vittorio Bertocci, is a very comprehensive and educational tool. Azure AD being a central piece of the Microsoft Cloud stack, this book is certainly a must read for both developers and administrators to get a good understanding of Azure Active Directory, OAuth 2.0 and ADAL.


A Featured Video

I don’t have any particular video but I’d rather advise channel9 as a very good repository.


A cool new tool ) The new Azure Portal is actually great! It’s not that new anymore although it was still in preview a few months ago. You need some time to get used to it when you’re familiar with the old portal but I’d recommend you to stick to it as much as possible.


Any new application you might have learned recently which may be useful

Well, it’s not an application but rather a building block but, the Azure AD Proxy is now capable of handling bearer tokens to let your Cloud identities access your on-prem legacy LOB systems, by converting the OAuth 2 access token into a Kerberos ticket using KCD. That’s kind of a very nice way to build hybrid architectures.

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